Temporarily in read-only mode

So I see a banner that says “the server is temporarily in read-only mode”

Would be nice if the banner included a link to details.

Hmm… I’d assumed this was planned occurrence, and I was just having trouble finding the announcement. Further research suggests that that’s not the case.

A read-only mode was plan last 18th but nothing about today…


MusicBrainz will be put into read-only mode at 6 PM UTC for database server upgrades. We expect the downtime to be brief - reo

— MusicBrainz (@MusicBrainz) April 18, 2019

There was another note a few days back about a server something or other which did have details attached. That does kinda hints that something has gone a bit doodah with that update.

Ah yeah - that’s the one @Fabe56 quotes.

No doubt they are working hard to fix the fix. The skill of knowing which part to hit with the correct sized hammers…

Edit: Working again. Bit like it was doing this morning. Popping up briefly, then disappearing. Shows how solid the mirroring is I guess. :smile:

I was getting it on the front page every so often in the last couple of days, after clicking through to a release the message always disappeared - I thought it was my cache or something.

The website runs on multiple servers. There seems to be one that is stuck in read only mode for some reason after our recent upgrades, and if you hit that one you’ll get this. Hopefully it will get fixed today :confused: