TALK (USA) v TALK (Cdn) EP Listing Error

There are two artists in the database named TALK and both have the EP Run Away to Mars listed under them. The Canadian artist is the creator of the EP. May a trusted member delete the EP under TALK (American Singer-Songwriter). Thank you.


Welcome here, please review:

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Merci for your quick action.


To clear up some confusion: these are actually the same artist. The Canadian TALK is actually a different artist that was incorrectly used when adding a release and was then updated with additional (incorrect) details. The American TALK was created specifically for his release, albeit with some incorrect details. The American one is the correct artist, the page just needs updating with the right details. There are open edits in place to fix this.

There is no confusion from what I wrote. TALK is Canadian from Ottawa, Ontario and based in Toronto, Ontario.

Again the artists who wrote and released Run to Mars is NOT American.