"Tags" split between "Genres" and "Other tags"

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For a few moments now, when I display an object in Musicbrainz, the old “Tags” section is now split between a “Genres” section and an “Other tags” section. Can anyone explain how this works, where this behavior is documented and how genres are defined?


Genres are basically considered as a selected subset of tags from now on. It doesn’t change anything for Picard tagger. Servers have just been updated, but documentation is still to be updated. As announced, a more detailed blog post will explain genres in detail in the following days. This is a first attempt at genres, feedback is very welcome!


This is wonderful update. When will it affect webservice?

Nice. :+1: How can one suggest a tag to be included in the genres section?

It already affects it, add inc=genres parameter to get genre tags only, for example:

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Blog post is here:


Will be tag search divided on tags and genres?

Here is the genre ticket creation link from that blog post. Please add the Genres label to your ticket.


Yaaaaaaaayyyyy! :heart::heart::heart:
You are the best @reosarevok!
Love how it automatically pulls them from one tag entry field, very smooth (although for a second I was confused about how to enter a ‘genre’ tag? Maybe ‘Genres’ being changed to ‘Genre tags’ would help slightly, but no biggie.)