Tags in MB

Hi all

Smal question this time

The tags next to works are they personal or can everyone see them


Thank you all and have a nice weekend

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I thought they were personal, but now I can’t find the toggle… I tag stuff I am working on so I can find it quickly. A kinda bookmark. I thought I hit a setting somewhere to set private tags (i.e. the green “mine” tags). But now I am not sure.

Haha - if they are public I’ll have been confusing people for a while. Can you see my tag on this one: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/9be32ec2-be48-457c-aa46-5dd6ff60635a ?

Ahhh you are a diamond Ivan thank you. No I can’t see your Tags.

So happy with your answer

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haha - I see what you did there with the Diamond :wink:

On the side I have this:


You had me worried for a while there. Haha.

Impossible to locate in the documentation due to the double meaning of “tag”

:slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Have a nice evening

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The tags are public and visible to everyone. And yes, I can see https://musicbrainz.org/tag/ivan-hhgttg%2Bpf

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Shoot I did f5 and now I can see it Ivan


I wouldn’t worry too much, personal tags are super useful and I do them all the time.

If a tag goes to 0 votes (someone down votes it) does it disappear for everyone except the person who set it?

I downvoted yours IvanDobsky and it’s gone from my view, should still be in your tag list though iirc

I can’t see it anymore Ivan can you?

I think we need something to put our personal tags in its handy to have something like that

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They are hidden by default when below 0, but you can still show them by clicking a provided link.


Thanks for your response Elo. But how do I get them below 0, cos when I make a tag is says 1 behind it and I cant change it. Cant make it -1 or 0

You can vote on tags using the little plus and minus signs next to the score, although if you downvote your own tag and it would drop below 0 it is instead deleted entirely.


Sometimes tags are used for communication or just trolling people

  • to the guy that keeps downvoting every tag on the va artist
  • you do realise that every time you downvote a fixme-tag below 0 i unvote it and that tag now permanently stays in the expanded list?
  • every-time you and others downvote. it registers in your tags. then i remove my vote. presto! you’re the only one keeping it here!
  • no matter how long you keep voting down the “fixme” tag i will fight you. this should be fixed
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Just use the public tags for personal notes for now imo. Only the genre tags are ‘ordered’ data.
I think it’s very unlikely anyone is pulling the regular tags for anything (because they’re already messy).

Ty Aero, gonna try that then cos I really really think we need something like this :slight_smile:

My tag on that page is still there for me, but -1 as a score.

I can’t vote my own tags to -1 as that just deletes them.

This is a little annoying now as I thought they were anonymous :frowning: Maybe I need to make a sockpuppet to downvote my own tags.

I guess there is already a ticket asking for private tags?


Hi Ivan

I did not make a tickket. Dont know how. And you are right about you deleting your own tag. I let my hubbie downvote mine but that is not a solution. Too much work. So it would be nice to have something like private tags. Lets vote on it whahahahahahaha. Anyone who is for a private tag give me or Ivan a heart :slight_smile: