Taggerscript + Plugin: Separating performers by instrument

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I wanted to share a taggerscript to address issues that many people likely share with the default Picard behavior for saving artist performance relationships:

  1. My preferred MP3 players cannot read TMCL and IPLS frames
  2. I find the default parentheses formatting to be extremely noisy and difficult to read, so I’d prefer to separate the performers by instrument into dedicated fields.

It’s a pretty simple script that just requires the “Instruments” plugin by David Mandelberg:


  $if($eq(%_currentInstrument%,other instruments),,
    $noop(Standardize instrument names to be used in tag field names)
    $set(_standardizedInstrument,$replace(%_standardizedInstrument%,drums \(drum set\),drums))

    $noop(Set custom field)
    $set(_currentCustomPerformerField,performer %_standardizedInstrument%)
    $setmulti(%_currentCustomPerformerField%,$performer(%_currentInstrument%,	),	)
    $noop(keep list of instruments so the tags can be scripted)



Here’s a demonstration:


Hope others enjoy this as much as I will.