SXSW 2013 Showcasing Artists

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After submitting SXSW 2016 Showcasing artists last November, I decided to give 2013 a shot. Once again the Picard plugin to create a release from ID3 data was invaluable. I had a lot of trouble with the track listing on 2016, and 2013 looked like it was going to be trouble as well. I realized it was due to the duplicate track numbers in the artist-submitted mp3 files. I turned off track numbers in the track parser, and that did the trick.

I added 1210 songs on 7/23 and started the process of going through each track to merge recordings. The primary goal was to ensure I had the correct artists picked. Over the course of the next few weeks, I discovered many incorrect artists, lots of incorrect track names, and one duplicate track. I also occasionally was lured down the rabbit hole of fixing artists’ other releases or adding new ones.

I just finished the last of my 683 edits today (I worked from the bottom up), and there are now 1209 tracks that are mostly matched to existing tracks from the correct artists. There are no doubt still many errors in the listing, but I’m going to leave it to others for now.

There are numerous case errors to fix in the track listing. I stopped doing that because if I merged a recording and tried to change the track case on the same edit, the track listing change would get conflicted once the original recording went away.

Thanks to the authors of the mass merge and merge helpor 2 scripts which I used a lot during this process. I hope this helps others who downloaded the 2013 unofficial torrent and would like to tag their files.


Great job @doomedtx, I saw your edits pop up a lot on a huge range (musically) of my subscriptions and was extremely impressed with your diligence :heart_eyes:


The original torrent contains 1210 tracks. However, “Scott Lucas - Steady Gaze” is a duplicate of “Scott Lucas & The Married Men - Steady Gaze,” verified with AcoustID. Please don’t add that track back into this listing.

I would keep the track twice in the track listing, but have both of them point to/use the same Recording. That seems like a better representation of what’s going on, and would allow one Track to have artist credit “Scott Lucas” and the other “Scott Lucas & The Married Men”.


I’ll also point out that the AcoustID seems to only take the first two minutes into account, so it won’t notice if something is different after that point. Probably not the case, but I wanted to mention that to be thorough.


Is there an easy way to put this back in the track listing next to the other track? It needs to go to position 886. I tried putting it at the bottom and clicking the up arrow, but the process was so slow it would take over an hour of clicking (by my guess) to get it to the right spot. I then tried the renumber tracks button, but after 30 minutes of clicking on Chrome’s “Wait” button, the page was still unresponsive. Ideally, I’d like to sort the entire track listing alphabetically by artist. Is there a script to do that?

I’m on a fairly decent gaming laptop, but sometimes processing the 1200+ tracks just fails.


Great job @doomedtx, I saw your edits pop up a lot on a huge range (musically) of my subscriptions and was extremely impressed with your diligence :heart_eyes:

Thanks for that. It really is an eclectic collection and has shown me some good songs. I first noticed Xception by DJ Bl3nd years ago and loved it. This time while editing I found some other good ones, especially Wish it Was True by The White Buffalo. That song sounds like it was written for the montage at the end of a TV show that would have everyone Googling “what song was in the montage at the end of that TV show?” :wink: