Survey: What IT skills are called for in adding data to MusicBrainz?


Adding data to MusicBrainz?
Learnt a new IT skill doing so?
Please add that skill to this thread.
If the IT skill is a requirement for adding data - is crucial to continuing to add data to MusicBrainz - please start your post with an asterix (*).


I don’t think there’s an IT skill required, but a familiarity with organised data entry definitely helps (which is not an IT skill in itself - an accountant would probably be used to it too).


[quote=“mmirG, post:1, topic:229601”]Please add that skill to this thread.[/quote]Reading and understand tremendous piles of Style Guides, including all exceptions made here, left in edit notes or on IRC.


Juggling multiple tabs and windows: one for the main thing you’re editing +n for looking up or creating other entities (this is rarely just one), finding data or getting links from other websites, style guides, Picard or other tagger, MusicBee or other player…

Finding, using, keeping userscripts up to date.


I think it’s less IT and more archivist. Do you understand the data? Do you know how to enter it in a format that most closely resembles what you’ve got? Do you know where to look for additional references and how to evaluate those references for accuracy?