Supported browsers update


By the way, MusicBrainz official support for Opera 12 has been dropped last month (along with the one of IE 8, FF 31, …) although no breaking change has been introduced since.


Yeah, we won’t break older browsers on purpose; we just no longer build workarounds where necessary or refrain from using more recent features.

E.g., I’ve long had at least two ideas where using SVG graphics would improve things, but that was up to now blocked by still-supported ancient Internet Explorers. Now, of course, it is instead blocked by lack of time on my part. :slight_smile:


@Yvanz, thanks for letting me know — here is the change, FTR. :slight_smile:
It means I should not submit Opera 12 compatibility bugs any more.

@chirlu, FWIW, I think Opera 12 does support SVG. :wink:
But SVG does not seem very widespread…

@Bitmap, lol, maybe I am the 0.05% of MB traffic, maybe I’m the only Opera 12.18 user now.