Suggestions for MusicBrainz for Android

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Hi everyone,
I am working on a mobile app for MusicBrainz. I wanted advice from the community regarding the UI of the app. At this moment, I would specifically like to know what all info should be displayed to the user in the list of results appearing in search. When a search result is clicked, a new page opens with entire info on the entity. I am currently using the website as a reference to decide what to show in the results. I think minimal info about any entity should be displayed to the user so that the user is able to distinguish them and for details the info page is always there. Also most enities have lots of empty relations & displaying lots of n/a or empty spaces is irksome. I would like to receive as much suggestions as possible about this and on all entities in MusicBrainz. I thank you all in advance for your help.


May I be bold and pose another question: what entity do you want to focus on?
There are so many in MB… it is hard to answer your question.
(Yeah, lame answer).

For a single release I would like:

  1. front cover
  2. Main artist, year, country, type (eg CD, digital).
  3. Tracklist
  4. Is in my collection (with name collection)

For eg artist

  1. Image (oops, we don’t have those)
  2. Full name, area, disamb, possibly wiki intro
    tabs with releases/works/links (so not all) to go further.

And I think I have bothered you enough with the scan option…



I will tell you what I need on mobile device.
I’m not really the target as I have a Windows device so I’d rather like a mobile site, that works on any OS alike.

But here is what I need when I am on the go.
I am in a (second hand) CD store and I need to see my collection.
I am missing the catalogue number in the current Android app, IIRC (I saw it long time ago with my wife’s Android).
I need all the necessary release details to be able to compare contents and also to not buy a duplicate.


Hi @jesus2099,

I’m with you! 10 years ago when I only had a few dozen CD’s I managed to remember a lot of my cover art to keep from buying dupes. Now that I am reaching 1000, (CD’s not years lol) my grey cells need a little help!


I am making search pages for all entities that are available in MusicBrainz , so you can suggest for any entity that comes into your mind or anything that you definitely would want to appear in the search results.

About tabs with releases/works/links, I think that should open when a specific artist is clicked. Currently, I am focusing on building the search interface. So that part will be worked on later, but it is in my TODO list. At this moment, I want suggestions regarding the data to display, at the first instance to the user.

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@jesus2099 @Llama_lover I will surely take this into consideration. Any other feedback?

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@amCap1712, None that I can think of right now. Inclusion of cat #s, barcodes would be very helpful for my particular needs. Good Luck!!:wink:

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If you can make it respond to music playing and show the artist and album information as you start playing.
You could capture the intents that the music players send in the same as an audio scrobbler does.
Once it detects what is playing display a notification and if someone presses it bring up the app and display the full information.


Thats a great idea. I will make it as a stretch goal. Implement it after all necessary features are done with. I will make a different discussion for such goals. Here I am looking for suggestions on some specific topic. But Thanks for your advice.

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