Subscription emails

I am trying to find a way to suspend email notifications for my subscriptions, ideally without removing all of them. Is there a way to do this?

My reasoning is that I still do care about those entities, but I unsure if I really want to quit right now. I have a good number of subscriptions and should things change, I would hate to lose them.

Hi thwaller,

Are you receiving email notifications for subscriptions on BookBrainz?

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no I am not receiving email notifications for subscriptions on BookBrainz. I see I incorrectly tagged this.

There should be an option in your preferences with Daily / Weekly / Never as options :slight_smile:

Also, did something specific happen to make you feel like quitting that we might be able to help with? If it’s just burnout or no time or whatever then no worries obviously, just making sure there’s nothing we can help with from our side :slight_smile:


I see it. I completely missed it, I guess it sort of blended into the other checkboxed options.

@reosarevok - to address your question directly, as time is passing the data is becoming less and less useful. As my digital collection continues to grow, the need for digital specific metadata becomes more useful.

At the present time, let’s say I have an iTunes release. MB provides me with no different than just looking at the Apple store. I understand MB seems to be stuck on using barcodes, catalog numbers and labels, meaning the imprint, but personally I see no use for this information at all when cataloging and organizing my music. While I can see how having that data as supplemental is good to have, the more useful attributes are simply ignored.

I am not upset or quitting, I just no longer see benefits to the efforts of most things, at least now. This applies only to digital, I believe the data is premium in quality when it comes to physical media. Sure there are some items I think could be added, but overall the data is typically solid and accurate.

I still add some releases here and there, but it takes a good amount of time to even get them entered with acceptable quality of data. All the data is in my metadata, but I can only import names and titles. Attributes like ISRC, explicit mark, etc all exist in the data, but need to be entered manually. Not just manually, but you need to go in after adding the release and do it individually on each recording. Regardless I still add some as the benefit of MB is not to serve me, but to serve all with accurate data. So I try to add things that are unrepresented in MB, like a new artist for example. I try to add the artist with good attributes and at least one release.


@reosarevok - something else that would really help… @jesus2099 has made some really great scripts to enhance the UI. Specifically “Pending Edits” and “Inline Stuff”. I believe them to be quality scripts and provide the user/editor with needed info when making edits.

I made a few edits very recent to improve on unrepresented artists. This is all music I have. It would be neat to see something that ties into something like where it can tell you “you could contribute 20 artists, 10 albums and 100 songs to the MB database. Click here.” This might be possible with using Picard (or a Picard plugin to players) so the programming to search MB is already existing. Just one random idea.

I do not dislike MB and I doubt I will ever leave. I personally see great potential and that continues to motivate me to keep checking in on artists I hear little of but listen to often. They are usually not in MB or are lacking data. I like to fix that. I have also personally contacted some artists and had one contact me to add/fix data. My edits may not be the most comprehensive, but I am complete from track times to §, acoustID, ISRC, etc. Unfortunately, the label on digital releases I disagree with on how MB makes its selection.


@reosarevok - I just wanted to check in to see if there have been any changes or updates. You had asked on what could be done, and as my issues are based on the structure, so I thought I would ask.

My interest is in getting ISRC and AcoustID data on everything I can, and I would like to incorporate what Apple calls the “vendor”. Which to me is what I often refer to as the label, which differs from your label definition.