Submitting listens from radio (internet or otherwise)

there’s a ticket on the ScrobblerBrainz for MusicBee project for adding support for submitting listens from internet radio stations, and I wonder if there’s anything that should be added to the listen submission specific to radio, such as the station name/URL, or if music_service should be used (and if so, how?)

I feel like the decisions here can theoretically be expanded to over-the-air radio as well (tho I don’t know if there’s a program or hardware for actually doing this as of yet…)


Cool! I actually started coding a website to submit Listens of Internet Radio streams, without actually playing the stream (for the use case of listening via an OTA radio receiver and submitting the info from the station’s internet radio stream), but i currently do not have the time to bring it to completion or figure out where and how to host it…