Submitting edits to the MusicBrainz DB via the API?

Hi there! Just discovered your service and I love it.

I’m wondering whether you have any plans to allow people to programmatically submit edits to you via the API? I’m working on a service that requires Spotify and Songkick data for artists, and I’m building my own database for that because I can’t find a complete service anywhere that does it. It looks like I’ll be able to query MusicBrainz for some of this information, but I’d love to be able to submit artist links that I find into the MusicBrainz DB if they’re missing, and I’d prefer to be able to do it programmatically if possible.

This seems to suggest some writing is possible, but only restricted fields?


Indeed, editing via the web service is restricted (to user data and barcode/isrc) at the moment, and this is a long-standing request MBS-211. Mid-term plans for the web service are to develop and release another read-mostly version (v3) with improved authentication and consistency (which is lacking in the current ws/2), only then a read-write version (v4) will be considered.

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If you’re feeling sufficiently hackerish, you could use my library for adding/editing data on Musicbrainz. I’ve been using it for a while now with relatively few problems. It’s C, so you’d have to write a wrapper if you want to use it in an app written in a different language. Should be possible for almost any language (not sure about Java or Javascript though).

I’ve mostly been using it for adding/editing artists and events (including URLs), so it sounds like it could be a good match for your needs.

Hmm… that reminds me, it’s about time to package up a new version. My local code has had a lot of changes since the last upload.


Please let us know, when your new version is online :+1:

I see, thanks all for the responses - the priorities make sense. I’m working with Ruby, and there seem to be some built-in modules that make wrapping C libraries pretty straightforward (like fiddle), so I’ll add it to my todo list. If you have an updated version though, that would be great.


Okay, uploaded v0.3.
Still at
(still not on github)