Submitting DVD, titles / chapters, track durations

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I am about to submit a DVD, my first DVD submission here:
which is the DVD release in this release group:

I am trying to find good examples of how to specify the DVD titles and chapters and their timings. Because this one has some things that are not making things very clear for me. After Nektar, another dive into the deep end? :wink:

Disc 1 has three titles: the main set (not titled), and two features called “Taking A Look Back” and “Intro Film”. The main set has the first 7 tracks as shown on the top link: The Ceiling Speaks, Human Being, The End…, This City, World…, East to West, Creepshow, all with their own track durations. These track durations are music-only, so the sum of those is shorter than the total running time, which includes applause and introductions.

The cover of the DVD has The End / This City / World as a combined track, so there are 5 “tracks”. The cover does not have track durations.

The chapters in this first title reflect the cover: 7 tracks. Weird thing is that they added a track index at the very end, so it shows 6 chapters, with the last chapter being 00:00.000 long and brings you right back to the menu.

The second title, the first feature (27 mins), has chapters every so many minutes but these are not mentioned anywhere and look rather random.

The third title, the second feature, has no chapters, or just one, depending how you look at it.

The menu lasts for 0:34 and has some moving pictures from the show in a loop, as is very common for a menu.

The two features are in a different order on the DVD than in the menu. On the back cover the features are in a different order again (combined with the features on DVD 2).

So the question is how to enter this.

Title, Chapters

If there is not a level for DVD titles (I tried to find something but I couldn’t find anything) I would skip the main set title and use the tracks (which are most important for MB I guess) and the features each as a single title.

Title Orders

Should I follow the order of the DVD (probably makes most sense as this is what you see when pressing Next), the DVD menu (although for some releases this might be visualised in a non-ordered way), or the back cover?

Track Durations

Then the track durations. To me, the music-only is more important but probably not to MB. Should I follow the chapter durations? Then the last chapter (00:00.000) should not be mentioned, I hope because that would be silly, right?


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You can use the following pattern for track numbers: title.chapter (example 2.5).

You should not include the empty trailing chapters. They often are DVD authoring techniques to allow easier management of when you press the NEXT key while on the last song.

You don’t have to always include all titles.
Some are irrelevant, like the menus, the warning screens, the advertisement for other DVD, etc.


There is no rule but it feels that, in order of priority, take back cover tracklist if any, or then menu.


You should follow the chapter duration, rounded to nearest second.


@jesus2099, thank you very much for that clear explanation!

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Also something else, I don’t usually input DVD track times manually.

I audio rip my DVD, split into chapters (with Windows tool called DVD Decrypter) * and then use either Picard’s SUBMIT CLUSTER AS RELEASE plugin or foobar2000’s copy length and my SUPER TURBO user script’s TRACK_LENGTH_PARSER.

* If anyone has advice of similar tools for Linux, please tell me.