Submit Metadata and releases in bulk

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Hello ,
We are a digital distribution company. we distribute releases to DSP’s word wide. my inquery is about whether we can send the metadata of our releases to musicbrainz in bulk. I’m not talking about picard because it is not a very helpful tool for our business.
we want to develop our own app that will send all the metadata to MB. if you can guide us where to start it would be helpful.

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For such a request, you’d get a quicker reply in the dev IRC channel on Freenode #MetaBrainz

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Musicbrainz does not have a write api and does not have a way of bulk uploading releases.

You can seed the add release page with your own information and this can help cut down the time to add a release.

You need to generate a html page with all the information as pre-filled elements in a form and have a submit button.
You are then redirected to musicbrainz to the add release page and the information you provide should be populated, you can then review the information and add the release.

Picard has a plugin “add cluster as a release” and use this to populate the add release editor (it uses the above technique in the background).
Load the songs in picard, create a cluster containing the album, right click and add cluster as a release.
This will create a html file in the background containing information from the tags, launch a browser to load this file and redirect you to the add release page.

There are also user scripts for tampermonkey that can use bandcamp, itunes, amazon etc as a base for metadata to add a release.