Submit AcoustID button stays disabled

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Picard wont let me send AcoustID :frowning: No matter what I try, the button stays greyed out.

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Same as @rukkulakki button stays greyed out in Picard

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If the AcoustId submission button stays disabled this usually means one of two things:

  1. The files matched to tracks in the right pane don’t have AcoustIds

  2. The files have AcoustIds, but are matched to tracks which have already this AcoustId assigned

Basically this means you have to do the following:

  1. While files are on the left pane, select the files and press Scan
  2. Picard will get the AcoustId for each track. If a match is found it will be loaded in the right. Files without a match stay the left.
  3. Check the matches on the right and if necessary correct them manually. If you keep the matches as they were the AcoustId submission button will stay disabled, as there is nothing new to submit. If you manually do changes, the submission button might become available, but only if you assign the files to recordings which do not have the same AcoustId already.
  4. The files on the left did not have a matching AcoustId. Those must be matched to MusicBrainz data by other ways (Lookup, manual). Once done, the AcoustId submission should be available for those cases. If not, check the error log for problems with the service.