Style questions: a classical series

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Hi, I am not much of a classical tagger. This series, of which I have a few, has inconsistent track names, mainly English vs. German. Is there a rule? (The actual liners use all English along with the “BWV” references.) Should they be fixed?

There is a Classical Music variant of the Style Guidelines (CSG), which is helpful to read to refresh your memory. The Classical Track Title Style Guideline says,

Titles on classical releases should mostly follow the printed information, with addition of the overall work title to movement tracks…

This is less complicated than in years past. The CSG used to call for wholesale rewriting of track titles to a more standard and correct form. Now you follow what’s printed on the Release, even if it’s inadequate, more closely. The really valuable edit to make is to link each track to the corresponding Work entity. This links the Recording to the composer and to the correct title of the Work, and composer and correct Work name are valuable for classical music metadata fans.

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