Style Guideline for Audio drama - would be an improvement

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I would like to suggest to include a special Guideline for Audio Drama. An Audio Drama differs significantly from other release-types. Its not an audiobook! A Book MIGHT be the starting point of the product, but is heavily transferred into something new. Most audio drama have several vocal speakers. All audio drama have a production team including a director. Many have a music arranger.

I would like to ask for a decision on YES or NO to include such a Style Guideline.

You can add the Vocalists in the same way as someone who sings on an album. Artists “Vocals [Spoken Word]”.

An example from Radio Plays \ Audio Dramas from The Goons at a per-track Recording level:

I know I have seen much better examples than this, but can’t find any at the moment. (If I remember one, I’ll post it)

An “Audio Drama” or play can be seen like a Musical Performance. There are vocalists on each track. Or set them up at Release level to cover the whole performance.

I have also see versions where the artist is credited with their actual part name.

The music arrangers, producers and many on the team can already be assigned in a similar way to musical roles.

There it is - I knew I had a good example. Good Omens, full credits at Release Level: