[STYLE-813] Add "social review/rating" URL relationship for Places


Ticket: https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/STYLE-813
To be honest I don’t know if the term I used is the best fit for this relationship. Suggestions welcome.


I like the idea of linking to these, but also not sure about the wording :slight_smile: Let’s see what people come up with.


Good idea. Don’t forget Google Maps also. :slight_smile:


I just added a sample URL to the ticket. :wink:


Why not just Social Review(s) like for release groups and events?
BTW a rating can also be considered as a review (albeit, very short). :slight_smile:


It’s my understanding that that relationship is meant for single, standalone reviews, not sites that aggregate them.


Oh! Maybe, yes.

It would be convenient to allow both single review page and page of several reviews, though, depending on the sites structure and/or usefulness of compilation versus single review.