STYLE-654: Events for musical contests

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STYLE-654 suggests adding an event type for music competitions, from classical piano contests to Eurovision (the ones that involve competing performances, rather than the Grammys or whatnot, I understand). I’m actually not against the idea - it seems interesting to be able to store this properly.

In order to do this properly, I feel it would also need an actual relationship (artist participated in event?), probably with a “winner” attribute on said relationship. I guess this could also be done with a standard “main performer” relationship (possibly adding the same attribute to it, or having a separate relationship for “artist won event”?). And we might not want to only store winners - I have certainly seen artist biographies mentioning “2nd place on the International Whatever Piano Competition”.

Do people have good ideas on how to store this info without needing new entity types? :slight_smile:

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I started a somewhat related discussion here.

In my opinion, Award winners are not “events” and would be better represented in the form of series (with some tweaking).

I am fine with adding an event type for “galas” or “soirées” where those awards are awarded.

I agree with those kinds of awards not being actual events in themselves, that’s why I specified “the ones that involve competing performances”. I’m thinking of things like Eurovision or the International Chopin Piano Competition. Cases where the participants actually go and perform live and are judged and awarded based on those performances.

ok like “The Voice” and other talent shows ?

You also need to separate “contestant” from “artist that performed that day”.

For example, Eurovision can often have the previous year’s winner performing their song from the previous year.