How would you feel about expanding series to accomodate its use for awards?

An Award entity has been proposed :

Personally, I think series (with a bit of tweaking) could be used for it (They already are) :

Musical awards are awarded to albums, recordings, works & artists… Entities we already have. We just need a proper way to relate them to a series (imho)

What do you think ? I’m not opposed to doing it another way but… convince me :slight_smile:

What are your thoughts ?


I actually did create some series some time ago: Albums certifiés. Doesn’t it seem ok?
Despite the fact I then realised I could not really maintain these…

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But if we are going to do that, we need to limit what awards/certifications we accept.

MB isn’t WP. We aren’t limited to only “notable” artists. Do we want to have a list of awards like:
Best New Artist 2018 - according to the Shelbyville Daily Union. Shelbyville is a town in Illinois, population 4700.


If it’s properly named and searchable I would love to know that data. With some data points from other geographical locations near or far you could even map some interesting stuff.


Why not, if it’s true. :smiling_face:


I’d be happy to have an entity (possibly Series or Events) for Artists for the main classical competitions (e.g. Tchaikovsky or Chopin competitions) where I can give a year and name of the prize (1st, 2nd…) for each artist


A series will easily allow to list the winner of each year, like here. It seems much harder to use them for multiple positions, or nominees or whatevs.


I already talked about this in irc so you know i am all :+1: for this idea :​​D



Can I get a Cessna Citation X?

Dunno. You could have 2018.01 … 2018.10 for yearly top 10 lists.

My main issue with doing things like this is that it invites anyone adding their own top whatevers.

Speaking as a relatively new editor, it seems unintuitive to think of awards as a “series”.

Following the Pulitzer example given by reosarevok, I guess for something like the Grammys you would have one award ‘series’ for each category (Best Pop Solo Performance, Best Rap Album, Best Music Video, etc.)?

Whist being against the idea at the start, Lotheric’s attitude and the lack of strong arguments/costs of going with the idea of awards=series being presented has me thinking - Who says only labels can decide what forms a series?

What is the minimum requirement for spreadiness of the award?
Blog-post containing at least 5 recipients?
“Recognised” industry body with “independent” media coverage, with no evidence of “collusion”? :mrs_claus:
A weekly SMS to my brother?
Something I can just set-up on MB?

You know what? That last one might boost circulation numbers for MB in very desirable ways.
(Apologies to justcheckingitout. :grinning: If my “free love” approach has visible downsides please do make the problem explicit.)

I’d like to live in a world where the cover of Rolling Stone and the Super Bowl Half Time Show weren’t pay-to-play, and where talent contests were about talent, not the marketing of fan favorites.
But I don’t.

In fact, I live in a world where my last 10,000 edits on Wikipedia have all been reverting vandalism.

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Ironically, it doesn’t seem like you can relate a series to a label? Educate me if I’m wrong, this has been a frustration to me :wink:

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