Strange recording names / Right place to report it?


Please tell me, where I should report such entries:

You can find more if you search with:


Report? As with any data error, you can edit to fix it – most likely, it was a mispaste. You can also ping the editor who set the title.


Best thing is probably to correct the recordings :slight_smile: Also if in doubt you can look into the edit history and ask there. E.g. the first recording was renamed in edit #41473545 by @chiark, who surely did not do this by purpose. So this is either a mistake or maybe a bug.

And if this is a request for help I think the community forums are the right place to place it. So if somebody needs some editing ideas for today have a look at the search link above :wink:


I believe some of these edits have been added because of bug with editing system. Couple of times similar thing has happened to me with release editor. For no reason similar edits updating recording titles were added. Both times this happened when website was extremely busy. I haven’t been able to reproduce this and it’s already some months since it happened to me.


I have as well already have problems with the release editor starting acting strangely on the Recordings tab specifically.
For one specific track it would become uncollaborative and when I paste a URL (even different URL each try), it would leave up the field green but empty, and in the end, the name would be the URL or empty…

Unable to complete Tracklist

This seems related to MBS-8952.