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There’s a mixed-up European release of…

Its history in short:
(I skip the distant past)
2012-06-03: a disc ID and a short description (unfortunately not unique) was added by @fmera
2012-06-21: a front image was added by @bricas, matching the noted details, but not the initially intended release
2013-03-19: a Discogs link was added (deleted editor)
2015-03-03: more cover art was added by @SuperSoaker, matching the Discogs release
2022-11-14: further cover art (the booklet) was added by @l_egghead66, matching the originally intended version, but not the linked Discogs release.

It’s not very likely that the current release (cover art) exists at all. Colours in the booklet (including front) are either metallic bronze/brown or blue-violet. The front is part of the booklet (jewel case) and will not differ from the rest.

Well, what to do?
Usually I would stick to the linked Discogs release and remove the booklet from this version.
But initially it was another version and there are 7 high resolution images of booklet and tray that I would have to re-upload to a new release… (compared to 3 if I do it the other way round)

Note: Both releases were made by the same manufacturer and share disc ID.

Something needs to be done, but I’m not sure what.


My solution?

1\ If I had a copy in hand, I would scan it and make a new release from it. Mainly as I now like making a new release as I can add a single DiscID to it and make it clear. But then I am odd like that.

If I make a new release, I can then convert what is left to the other release.

2\ OR I’d move the 2022 images and retain the 2013 edition based on Supersoaker’s art and the discogs link. It has only had the 2022 images for less than a year and makes more sense to kick them to a new release. It has been the original 2013 edition for much longer.

I’d then Annotate and Disambig the two and point differences out for anyone else who has cross linked things.

Mostly based on “which edition has most people assumed this really is?”


(DO you realise you can go to CAA and download a whole zip of all the art in one hit? Quickest way of getting the artwork for the new upload)

Also magic scripts… do you have the scripts to Clone Release, and Clone release relations from another release? (two different scripts - but big time savers when splitting releases)


I have not known (thanks!), but it wasn’t the reason for my thoughts. It’s a waste of storage space on the CAA and it wasn’t originally meant to be this release.

I don’t have a copy of this release, so I can’t add any new scans. For a start, images from Discogs will have to do.

You’re right. Nobody probably guessed the initial intention. All these years it was the edition, specified in 2013. I will add the booklet and some Discogs images to a new release.

I rarely use clone release (I prefer to import from Discogs to check all data and discover duplicate recordings when associating them to the tracks :slight_smile: ), but I do not know Clone release relations - I will look for it instantly - thanks again.

An extra few MB will be a small amount of size. Seven JPGs are barely the size of one PNG.

One of @loujin’s amazing addons

Here be a gold mine…

In case it not obvious, you want this one: Clone recording relations onto other recordings (It does more than the one trick)