Stickies threads etc

Can we do these now?
or is this system against that?

If I understood the thing, it is allowed to user ranked Leader (pin/unpin feature).

Here are our Leaders. :slight_smile:

It can be done, but note that each user can unpin such a topic (for their own view) and that this happens by default automatically when they first view the topic. So, essentially, it will come out at the top, but only once.

We can haz stickies once there are threads worth stickying, although with the caveats given by @chirlu and @jesus2099 :slightly_smiling:

Well there were some there already…

The welcome thread is pinned; it will appear at the top for each new user until they have read it.

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I meant there are stickies at the old forum that should come across


While we’re not planning to import the old forums as such, we’ll take a look in the near future at what stickied posts there should also be duplicated as sticky posts here. I hadn’t thought about it to be honest but you’re right there’s probably some!