Steve Reich: Works 1965-1995 - Help needed


As far as I can tell, the only differences between the two release of this release group are the Disc IDs (and one release has less info). I wanted to check where the Disc IDs of the first release com from, but with this search I get only five results. I checked the editing history of the release, and it just seems some Disc IDs come from nowhere. I guess it comes from old release merges, but is there any way to find the edit that added them ?


Disc one also splits the tracks up differently.


I believe back in the day you could only attach DiscID’s to release groups, and when that changed each ID got assigned to every release in the release group. So as well as not having the edit history, you wouldn’t necessarily find out more about the specific edition it was intended for (unless you could get in touch with the editor, but with older additions it’s unfortunately not possible). Possibly because old DiscID’s were imported from another service originally/migrated over, anybody?

Quite often I remove ID’s like this, when data is getting confused, especially when it’s impossible to ascertain what edition they actually belong to, and the only way to find out is to have someone eventually add the DiscID to the correct release…
In this case though the tracklists are very different though so you can’t really confuse the two.

Sorry for rambling :wink:


Pictures you added seem to be from the version released in Europe but we also got US version of the same release. “Made in Germany” and “GEMA/BIEM” are something you don’t usually see on US releases of big labels.