Stats Page/Reports

Do we have any kind of statistics page, for those of us that are very much insane and like to look at scary numbers?

If not, something like:

  • Total Amount of each entity
  • Number of releases with no works
  • Number of recordings with no acoustid
  • Number of recordings with no acouticbrainz info


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Of course :nerd_face:

But I don’t know if there are public statistics about recordings with no AcoustID or AcousticBrainz data.


Awesome! I probably should have just tried that URL really :man_facepalming:

Any way to request new reports at all?

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You can request new reports just like any other feature:

P.S. I wanted to link the full search query, not just this specific ticket, but I don’t know how to do that (removing the ticket number breaks the URL).


You can replace /browse/MBS-11830 by /issues:

JQL Query: project = MBS AND component = Statistics AND type != Bug

How did I find that?
I clicked the Export menu > Printable (already a nice sharable page), then eventually clicked the top link, to obtain that URL I shared: Back to previous view.

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