State of React move and lack of large new features

Is it actually being worked on? This feature was supposed to be almost ready years ago.

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The porting of the release editor to React is being worked on. Once that is done, the old code can be adapted to the new version and fixed / finished. That’s my understanding anyway :slight_smile:


Sorry to remain off-topic, but is this React porting ever going to be finished? It started years ago and the end doesn’t seem in sight. It also appears to hold up any serious development on the MusicBrainz website (when was the last time a proper new feature was introduced?)

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The React porting is a lot closer, with mostly editing bits left, but those are some of the most complex. It does take forever, yes.

That said, I don’t think it’s fair to say it’s what’s holding up most development - in fact, if you check release blog posts most recent development hasn’t been that React focused. I feel that it’s sometimes easy to underestimate the amount of time needed for all sorts of smaller improvements and bug fixes which do pile up :slight_smile: (and we’re still sometimes fixing ones reported 10 years ago). And we still have added not-so-massive but still relatively big features during the React time (genres, first release dates, etc.) while doing a lot of work on making the site able to grow (there’s a lot less 10 second load times than there used to be).

But don’t get me wrong, as a hardcore editor myself, I’m also frustrated with some things taking forever and I am really hoping to see improvements on those. I have some 50 style tickets waiting for entity attributes, for example, and a lot of genre aliases waiting for myself to get the time and energy to look into finally implementing that :frowning:

One thing to keep in mind: there’s not that many of us, and writing such a large feature basically takes one team member off the rest of the tasks for maybe a month or longer sometimes, plus then it needs to get reviewed, improved, etc. Given that our responsibilities also include other things (for example, @yvanzo’s huge amount of work on the search server and Docker has limited his ability to work on as many user-facing things as he maybe would like), it’s often hard to manage.