Star Wars and the London Symphony Orchestra

These two are assigned to the same release groups but one has the London Symphony Orchestra assigned as an artist and the other does not.

Shouldn’t the LSO be assigned as artist to all releases of SW episodes I-VI of Star Wars or none at all? It seems rather inconsistent.

The release credits should be assigned based on what the cover of each individual release presents, so no they should not necessarily all be the same. The exact performers can be entered at the recording level, and the recordings can be shared between all appropriate releases. (At a glance, it looks like that’s the case.)


So I guess we should update all the 2018 Disney releases of the other 5 SW soundtracks cause they say LSO on their covers.

And this RotLA release has LSO only on the back cover… does that count?

Normally no :slight_smile: Maybe if also on the spine.

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So I’ve updated all the 2018 Disney releases to include the London Symphony Orchestra as per the CD covers but the edits haven’t been approved yet. How long does it take to get approved?

Generally it takes 7 days. If you look at the edits, it will tell you in the right sidebar. The one I looked at says 13 hours left.