Star Ratings in Release Group Collections

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I have tried several times to use Release Group Collections but the star ratings don’t seem to function properly. Maybe I’m just misunderstanding what I’m seeing, but I can’t make sense of it.

Here is a link to one of my collections for reference: Richard D. James Chronology [in progress]

I have star ratings on most of these release groups, but those ratings aren’t shown here. The only thing I see is the grey stars indicating the average rating of those releases by all MusicBrainz users, or no stars for releases with no ratings. When I make a Release Collection the release group ratings are shown, but not so in Release Group Collections.

If anyone can shed some light on my confusion please do.


We don’t actually have release ratings (they’re all release group ratings, that are also shown for releases). So the rating is the same. Them not being displayed seems to be just a bug (that I can also reproduce) so I’ve added a ticket reporting it.


I realize that releases don’t have ratings which is why the release group ratings showing up in release collections and not release group collections was confusing me. Thanks for submitting the ticket.

I never realized that this works for some collection types (releases), so I always assumed this was intended.
That’s why I had suggested an enhancement to be able to switch between personal and community ratings.

I still think this is useful anyway (I don’t like that if I have a rating, the shared one just gets hidden - although I don’t rate, so it’s more of a principle-of-it pet peeve :smiley: )

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