Stand-alone soundcloud releases

Cat Jahnke has a number of single releases on Youtube and Soundcloud. May we/How do we enter these?

For instance Stream Cat Jahnke - The Final Countdown by Plugin Alliance | Listen online for free on SoundCloud, was put out by a plugin company, and can also be found on their own page, so two URLsJJ would be listed. I assume this track would be a type ‘pseudo release’?

Another instance is The Crow Came Calling - Cat Jahnke - YouTube I assume this would be entered in the same way, yes?

Nevermind, I just found Are Soundcloud tracks official or promotional releases?

Apologies for the noise, but that post didn’t come up for me at first.

indeed, typically YouTube videos (as long as they’re music) and SoundCloud tracks can be entered as single releases. however, a YouTube release and a SoundCloud release will almost always be seperate releases from each other, and possibly even different release groups (i.e. the YouTube video is a music video)