Spotify Singles - Complete Collection

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I’m so glad I found there’s a community to ask questions before adding a release! I am going through my library and see that a number of them are Spotify Singles which are listed as individual albums but also as this complete collection seen here:

Can that be added as a ‘Various Artists’ release or is it considered just a playlist and do the albums like have to be added individually?


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Your are on shifting ground there… it’s becoming clear that on Spotify playlists are sometimes pretty much interchangeable with albums.

Usually we wouldn’t add a playlist but I’ve seen some added and they tend to stick around/not get removed - for instance, netflix soundtracks seem to often not get their own ‘album’ anymore, just a ‘official’ spotify playlist.

Long story short, if you think it’s important enough, doesn’t change/update too much (etc), and you want them all under that ‘album’ title + with the same release date as the playlist, go for it. Otherwise add the individual releases, you’ll get better data imo.

Worst comes to worst you can change it to a digital bootleg rather than a proper album.

I’m sure some people will disagree :grin:

Btw don’t forget to use this tool if you’re going to add albums/singles:
Very quick - might even convince you to add the albums/singles instead!

Already a series though:


Thanks - I didn’t see that when I was looking up my individual artists!

Editing to add, it looks there’s no way around adding them individually? I was hoping to do some sort of bulk add, but from what I understand, each artist will have to be added individually and but would be added to that same release group

Whoops I didn’t see this - I’m a new kid so I didn’t know about this tool, checking it out now!


We do not add any playlist to MB. They change all the time and therefore aren’t really releases. Please do not add them at all as they will be removed as soon as discovered.

Use that using the album or single URLs from Spotify to check to see if they are already linked to a release and if it not, than add those :-).