Spotify adds credits to desktop apps

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Apparently Spotify has added some credits to tracks. They’re visible by right clicking tracks, though Pitchpork complains that they’re not necessarily complete. Anyway, I thought that this is great for credits to releases where I can’t access physical liner notes, so I thought I would give you the tip.

Not sure if the credits are currently in the API or not.


I saw the news too (btw, is that Pitchpork typo intentional?), but I’m not sure how reliable those credits are. They sometimes have the wrong recordings linked to tracks too (that is, you hear the wrong track if you play one).

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That’s a good thing to keep in mind. Probably mainly an issue for big artists, though, where the liner notes are often also already established since long.

No, but I think I’ll keep it!


The truth is, there aren’t too many publicly accessible ways to get accurate credits. Even liner notes contain errors, omissions, and additions.
Sometimes they are on purpose. Sometimes it is an actual error.
Even if you ask the artist, you can get bogus information. Sometimes it is contractual. Other times is can be on purpose. And, of course, sometimes it is just because they honestly got it wrong.

The best places I found are less public and typically “follow the money” - they rely on payroll. Who got paid to work on an album.

No I think it’s not the best place as they don’t provide artistic info.
They just provide who they send the money to.
So band credits would end up split, claiming that all members wrote the lyrics and all members wrote the music, which is 95% always wrong.
Best place is the booklet, it’s the original artist intent.

except for the errors, omissions, and additions.

Of course, except for the rare unintended errors, omissions and additions.

And when it’s the case, after research and set up of corrected relationships, an annotation is needed to explain why the difference. :slight_smile:

Results of reseach in books, interviews, etc leading to unofficial but supposedly true credits, … it would be really useful to be able to mark official credits versus unofficial credits: