Splitting "Born Slippy" by Underworld

I’ve submitted edits to split the “Born Slippy” work by Underworld into three versions. The first non-vocal (sometimes called “original”) Born Slippy, the “Born Slippy .NUXX” version made famous by Trainspotting, and the “.TELEMATIC” track. Judging by Wikipedia, and by stuff people say on Discogs, it would seem that these are not really the same work, and maybe not even versions/variations of the same work, but their only relation is that all three appeared on the same “Born Slippy” single back in 1995, and they’re somewhat similar in style (same artist, same era).

I’m not a huge (should I say “mega”) fan of Underworld, but I’ve found “Born Slippy” and “Born Slippy NUXX” on youtube, and they sound rather different to me.

Thoughts? Controversy?


Makes sense IMO, electronic music is funny when it comes to works; but the general consenous from what I’ve gathered is that if it is considerably different in its composition or is a translation then it should be a new work, with a relationship linking one to another (usually one appeared after the another, in this case original links to nuxx).

However you will find a lot of releases have effectively “catch-all” works which means that we’re just collecting all the recordings under a common work, for later dispersement/improvement.