Soundcloud fan made releases

There are “releases” being added to MB as bootlegs that are really just playlists. However, they have fan made cover art. The editor says that “I have SoundCloud playlists + I’m preparing download link for these albums (on Google drive)”. Is this enough to be considered a bootleg on MB?

Release “Kinda Outta Luck” by Lana Del Rey - MusicBrainz


I think your inclinations are correct. Twenty-five years ago, I’d have never considered the mixtapes I made for friends to be “releases”, and that analogy still stands (to me, at least) despite how technology has changed since then.

I hope the user who added this release, though, will consider adding any unreleased material as standalone recordings if they’re not already in MusicBrainz.


That’s what I suggested to them. To add any leaked recordings that aren’t already on MB as standalone recordings. They seem to understand about the compilations now. There are a bunch of these under Lana Del Rey and it seems that a group of editors have been doing this for a while and just weren’t noticed. I’ve put in edits to remove them. Hopefully the recordings will stay in the database.