Soudtrack from steam has been updated

I have the soundtrack for the game Barotrauma which I got through steam. It contains 37 songs. There are already a few releases of this album in this release group but none have the full 37 songs. I have a few questions regarding how this version of the album should be added.

  • Should I edit the existing steam release to include the new songs or should I make a new release?
  • If I should add a new release, what should I put as date?
  • Should I mark the other outdated steam release as withdrawn?
  • The files metadata says the artist is “Sound Of Syndrome” but in MusicBrainz it’s Audire Soundtrack Choir & Orchestra, what’s up with that?

If a digital release is updated (replaced), then you should create a new release with the date of the update/replacement (if known). I would mark the status of the original release as Withdrawn given we know why it is no longer available.


This is a good example with multiple Steam updates, where I have taken update/release dates from the steamDB > Update History, which is a good way to find when exactly tracks where added:

edit: I have done some tidying of the existing Barotrauma releases, auto-edits because it was a bit of a flippin mess - happy to change specifics back for vote edits if anyone disagrees with something (@chaban)

I don’t think this is neither the right place nor time to discuss the “fallout” of the new release statuses. Just this much, I could probably pick a random “withdrawn” release and the chance it’s misused is rather high.

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I haven’t changed the release statuses in my round of edits for that reason, I also predict a can of worms!

I just voted on your edits. This is the main edit in question re. if updated releases should be marked as ‘withdrawn’ or not, if anyone wants to chip in.