Sorting out three artists that overlap

Remember those releases from an artist called Agua Clara that I was trying to edit? Well, it got muddy.

It turns out I also have Vol I (actually un-numbered, just called “Music of the Andes”) to go with Vols IV & V. I know it’s the same series, even though the artist name is different, because Vol IV shows pictures of the previous 3 volumes on the liner notes (yes, I did get my hands on the physical releases since last week). So I entered a merge and figured they just started mainly using the Spanish version of the name rather than the Quechua version (Ch’uwa Yacu and Agua Clara both translate to Clear Water in English, which also appears on all their releases) so I could sort it out with aliases. That still seems to be the case, but I cancelled the merge until I get this new wrinkle sorted out.

There’s this other artist, Ch’uwa Yacu Bolivia, who certainly based on this release looks like the same artist. Then I was finding other releases credited to them that have Vol #s on them that conflict with the ones I’ve been looking at, like this Vol II. Discogs thinks they’re the same, but I kept going back to the release series shown on my Vol IV, which has this Vol II.

After a lot of digging, ebay came through for me and I found some performer credits on the Ch’uwa Yacu Bolivia releases that mention Javier Zapata. He seems to be the main performer/arranger. He is ALSO credited on Music of the Andes, the Vol 1 of my series in hand, but the liner notes say “Thanks to Javier Zapata … for participation!”, so he sounds more like a guest artist.

Meanwhile, the Agua Clara releases I have give top billing to Faustino Cutipa, who is the first artist listed on Music of the Andes. My sense from the liner notes is that he could be considered the lead musician on that release, followed by Angel Marin, who also appears on the later Agua Clara releases (where Zapata does not).

To sum up:

It looks like Music of the Andes was sort of a launching point for these two artists, Agua Clara and Ch’uwa Yacu Bolivia, both of whose next release was a Vol. 2. (Ch’uwa Yacu Bolivia, Zapata’s group, might consider this their Vol. 1 - but I don’t think it makes much difference.)

I’m inclined to merge Ch’uwa Yacu and Agua Clara after all. They explicitly claim “Music of the Andes” as their release, and three of the musicians on that release appear on later Agua Clara releases, so it seems like a continuation of the same group.

I don’t guess you could call either group a sub-group, they’re just arists that sort of overlapped at one point in time. More like a Venn diagram, lol. I’ll put in the performer relationships, of course. And add an annotation? Is there anything else I should do to clarify this for the next person who comes along?

I might even have time to scan in the artwork I have access to this week. Fingers crossed.


I think I got all of Agua Clara’s releases entered today, along with some edits to fit things as closely as possible with the cover art I could find (with some concession to standardization of the Vol. #s, since they float all over the covers). I also decided to drop the translation “Clear Water” from the artist credits, based on the classical style guideline of using the main language of the release.

Can anybody offer more insight on this release? It’s a different animal from the rest. My best theory is that maybe Agua Clara provided the instruments and they had a variety of vocalists performing with them? Anybody know what “AC” or “A/C” means in this context? I’ve gone back and forth between thinking it’s a composer credit or a vocalist credit.

Update: I was pondering this again this morning, and about smacked my forehead because it occurred to me that AC probably stands for Agua Clara. So the credits given (see annotation) are probably for Agua Clara/vocalist (since AC typically play instrumental music). That fits with the somewhat VA feel of the release, as well as the last track, which credits “todos” and is called Voces Unidas. I’m gonna proceed on that theory unless somebody hollers.

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