Sort name for group that looks like a person name

#1b under “Person artist names” says this:

Names beginning with an abbreviated title, such as Dr., DJ, or MC should have the title treated as if it were a part of the given name.

Does this apply to groups? (Groups are separately listed under #2, not #1.)

For example, is a group, not a person.

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No one else answering?

For others reading this thread, the guideline says:

The way I read it:

As you point out, that guideline picks out that “person artist names” are different to group names. A group doesn’t have a surname to sort on. So “D.J. Swan” is next to “Dr Feelgood” under D. There is no Mr Swan in the group.

Where that changes is if one of the group members is listed in the group title. They get special handling and their name jumps forward. “Bob Marley and the Wailers” becomes “Marley, Bob and the Wailers”. Kinda makes sense as then we find all of Bob’s work under M.

So if one of the band members in your example is Mr Swan, then the band would be “Swan, D.J.”

What surprised me reading those rules was “The Sensational Alex Harvey Band” is sorted as “Harvey, Alex, Sensational Band, The”. I didn’t see that one written in the rules, but it is pretty neat. It is a method to keep an artist’s bands togther.

I wonder if that also works on “The All-Star Quartet featuring Charlie Parker” - does that put it under “P” with the rest of his bands? If yes, that is a neat solution.

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