Sort columns

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I have read there is a script to sort columns, where can I find that and how do I use it?


I believe you refer to one of @loujin’s creations. If you search for “Make table columns sortable” on this page, you should find it:


Thank you for your reply. If I click on the install button I get a losts of code. Dont know what to do with that :slight_smile:


You need an add‐on to your internet browser in order to be able to install and use user scripts like this.


Here’s a screenshot to show you how it should look like if the installation worked. Note that the script is very basic and works only on certain pages of the site, not all of them.


Thank you all for your information. Guess I’m to stupid to do it myself, so I have to ask someone at home. Maybe they can help. I just think… such a beautiful database… gees is must be possible to sort columns.

Thanks all