Songs with lyrics about MusicBrainz

Does anybody know if there are any songs about MusicBrainz? Some time ago I created a song called “IDLC New Version”(.ogg file). I made a little search on recordings that exist on MusicBrainz for songs with lyrics about MusicBrainz but with little luck so far. Anybody know of any such music?

In the making of this song I put greater emphasis on sound rather than on meaning in the lyrics. All the lyrics can be summarized as “Oh MusicBrainz, I really really don’t like crowds. Oh MusicBrainz I really really really don’t like them


Yes, I wrote a country/blues song called “MusicBrainz, Don’t Downvote My Heart”. @freso plays accordion.

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…but you didn’t publish it, right? I searched YouTube, and any recordings added to the MusicBrainz database itself with no luck(googling for your song title and artist name(sibilant I assume?) also returned 0 useful results).

The reason I linked my song is because my song is not yet in the database although I’ve submitted it(will appear in 5-7 days in the MB database) to MusicBrainz.

Edit: Oh yeah my song title was “IDLC New Version”(which can be seen in this edit). Sorry about repeating myself but I post this in case it wasn’t obvious.

Sorry, mate, I was just joking!