Songs being translations and parts

I’m trying to properly add metadata to one song, but being new to this I have no idea what is the recommended solution.

The song is a translation of a part of a very long poem, which was half-sung half-recited, but the melody is forgotten. Translator is performing the song himself, to invented but stylized melody.

My guess is to create 2 works: the original poem related to the original writer; and the song, with relations either:

  1. work based on the original poem, translated and composed by the performer
  2. work is later version of original poem (marked as translated), the performer set as lyricist and composer

I don’t know which version is better, and if either is the correct one. Also, in both versions the original poet is not included and therefore not present in tags as set by Picard. Also there is no trace of the song being only a part of the original work. So how should I approach this song?

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I’d add the original poem writer as a lyricist, and then do 1)

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