Song/track credits question

Greetings. I have a question about how to “correctly transfer” credits from PRO unit to musicbrainz.

This is the album (production music):

and specifically a track “Soul Searching”.

Digital stores gives no credits at all, simply showing label for all tracks, so i have to look for credits in PRO. ASCAP shows the following:

I presume that track was composed only by Rolf Anton Krueger and Sarah McIntosh here is only “mentioned” as performer. Yes, i know that PROs are not about “true” credits, but royalties, but anyway they almost always give useful info.

Here is the official credits from label site:

What do you think?

This site layout is misleading.
Both are in the credits section if you squeeze the screen:

So it’s written by both, according to this above and below captures.

According to your two respective links, at least.

I know that its possible to expand data, but i am talking specifically about this certain version
“SOUL SEARCHING (VOCAL SONG)” (bottom one via link) - it shows only one (composer) credit.

And this is not the 1st time i see such cases where a production track has several (w/no vocal, choir, drums, etc.) versions and some of them have credits with vocal performer and some - without. So i thought that may be the base (or instrumanetal) version has only composer credits while further modifications add also a performer.

Oh yes indeed, there is even this Expand button:

So here it really shows again, that ASCAP and most such sites are not really good indeed to get credits from.
As the more complete version (song) contains less credits than the seamingly less complete version (30, drums synths FX).

You didn’t say so. :slight_smile:
Vocal song I guess is the main version of the song (it’s like a type, hey this is not an instrumental, it’s a song!).

BTW you linked official credits for this vocal version, so there is no more searching: BMG Production Music

They don’t distinguish lyricist and composers IMO (they only have a Composer column), it’s just Writers.
And the ASCAP link you gave is not really needed, in this case, because they don’t specify Lyricists vs Composers either: ACE Repertory

So why do you hesitate now? :thinking: :wink:

PS. Your first link I cannot access, it is blocked for me, but as I understood it contains no credits: All Dogs Go To Heaven - Album by X-Ray Dog | Spotify

[quote=“jesus2099, post:4, topic:559523”]
They don’t distinguish lyricist and composers IMO (they only have a Composer column), it’s just Writers.[/quote]
Yes, that the thing i dont like in PROs at all. And dont like label sites by the same reason. The only PRO where i saw strict author separation is GEMA - in some cases they show individually composer, lyricist or arranger.

I am “hesitating”, because i prefer to exactly set “composer” or “lyricist” and prefer not to use “writer” at all, but i suppose i have to accept the fact that its not always possible. In this current case i think i could set Krueger as “composer” and McIntosh as “writer” since her role is not exactly known.

In SACEM and JASRAC, you also get separate lyrics and music credits.

But when they say all artists composed and write lyrics, it means the generic writer credit, and it can also mean that they have split band members.

You should set Writer for both, as they don’t give any roles.
You don’t have any reference that you could paste, clearly stating the roles.
Don’t refrain using Writer, it’s a good role. It’s often needed.

And there is maybe only one work.
Drums FX and the likes should be just other remix recordings.
But I leave it up to you. I didn’t browse the full list nor listened to it.

Thanks for your opinion. :slight_smile:

Sorry for a late reply, but i just noticed this. I found this work in SACEM:

I suppose you are often use SACEM, so a question - is a “composer” term in this case means that they “always” distinctly separate composer/lyricist or may be they use it as a “general” credit (like “writer” in ASCAP and others)?

Funny I cannot see your screenshot.
Can you send me your work search URL, instead?

Example: i love you / ozaki

Usually they use Compositeur for comopser and Auteur for Lyricist.
They don’t have the equivalent of Writer but, as for the other such DB, it’s when all artists are credited as both Compositeur and Auteur that we can view it as Writer.

A very good counter-example letter to her[mione] / bowie they don’t show Auteur Lyricist, which is quite rare in my experience, maybe because it’s not a French work… Notice the title typo also.

Hmm, clicking a link to it doesnt work either?
soul searching / krueger

Oh now I could see your capture when clicking the link on my phone. That screenshot hosting site didn’t work on my Raspberry Pi.


So well if this is a song and not an instrumental.
It shows you can not count on SACEM for credits, as they only show composition credits, like for the Bowie song in my post.
I’m not surprised.

Thanks for your opinion. And if you dont mind - just another one case for you to look into.

Some tracks have vocal, so this is similar problem about “composer + composer” or “composer + lyricist/writer” situation.
This is official credits from label site:

One particular track for example:

They show authors under “writers”, but also they have individual roles assigned (“C” is for composer role).
Also they write in the description - “Featuring Christine Hals”. Does that mean featuring “as vocalist” or featuring as “first time”.
SACEM credits:
submersive / maas

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Featuring means performer (instruments and/or vocals).
I see our recording already has the featuring, it has both Hals and Maas in its Artist Credits.

With what we have, we can only use Work Writer credits for the 2 same artists, Maas and Haals.