Song Titles as Part of a Set

Back cover subject for discussion.

This is sort of related to multi-part songs and movements, but it seems worthy of its own discussion on song grouping. Track list for the above release is clearly divided up into 4 “chapters.” The recording entries make reference to only the main titles. What’s the preferred method here? Append each chapter heading to the front of the title like so?

Borealis: Toronto (Abridged)

I can extrapolate this concept being used fairly frequently by bands (seasons, chakras, 7 deadly sins, etc.), so I’m guessing there must be some existing methodology, I’m just unable to find it in the guidelines.

I just dealt with a release that is similarly arranged. That’s how it was done there, prepending the grouping on the track titles. That’s actually what the guideline for classical music calls for, but I haven’t seen a similar guideline for non-classical.

I don’t see any harm in prepending the group name, but yeah, it’s probably worth a conversation.


Yep - Borealis: Face of the Earth is fine. Very common to find it. Somewhere in the ticket system is a plan to make sections within tracklists as this is a common need.