Something wrong with AcoustID-Server again!

See Grafana
Imported Submission → 0 Ops/m
Since the evening of 10. September 2023 I get an Acoustid-Fingerprint but no AcoustID :unamused:
The stats of Statistics | AcoustID doesn’t look good.either

All my submitted fingerprints (through Picard) are not yet visible here at MB. So I assume, the import queue is still growing and no new submissions are imported.

(That was my initial reason to write about the numbers here)

It’s been down for a couple of days. None of the submitted fingerprints have shown up. Also, you can’t disable any either.

It seems that the import stopped working somewhere at 11.09.2023, 09:20:00:

Maybe someone could contact @lukz (Lukáš Lalinský from AcoustID)?

Two days later: Still no import of submissions at AcoustID…

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How long did it take for the service to recover in last failure?
Did it take this long, or more?

Usually fairly random - from hours to weeks. It will be fixed when it is fixed. Patience is required. :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that it is not a total failure. We can still get AcoustIDs, and still access the site to read data. This time the fault is when attempting to change data (add or delete).


It there really no one at MB who could contact @lukz?

(7 days after last submisson import at AcoustID…)

could not musicbrainz take over the acoustid server so that such errors can be fixed faster and Lukas Lalinsky is relieved a little bit?

Given it’s @lukz’s company running it, us taking over wouldn’t be very nice nor welcome, I expect :slight_smile:


Is it then not possible to make a contract with lukz company that such errors will be fixed within a certain period of time (1 day)?

I guess that could maybe be possible if we started paying for the service - IIRC we’re getting it for free at the moment :slight_smile: That said, given the fact that we aren’t always able to fix errors in 1 day, I think it’s sensible to give people the benefit of the doubt. We can of course ask if there’s something we can do to help - maybe helping with server issues is doable somehow. But in general remember we’re open source geeks trying to make things work nicely and providing free services to metadata users, and as such expecting the kind of performance you would of your bank or a similar company might be a bit much :wink:


Disabling of acoustids from recordings was not working yesterday, but I tried it just now and it is working again.


Yep, since about 17:00 the import background task for the submissions seems to work again:


Yep, someone has fed the hamsters and all is buzzing along again.

Some of my adds seem delayed, but the deletes are clearly functioning.

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The import task seems to be working off the queue:
(yellow = import = higher ops/m rate then green)

Since 29.09.2023, 04:30 Uhr, the queue seems to be completely processed and all current submissions will be imported immediately:


Once again problem with Acoustid Server !!!
Imported Submissions 0 ops/m

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Yes. This time it looks as if there will be no more new additions (and therefore no imported data) since 2023-11-20, 16:25:


Thanks to the person who taught the acoustic server to accept submissions again! :smile:


Since today at 12:05 Uhr new additions and their import are back to normal:

As no new additions have been accepted, there is no queue for processing. All new additions seems to be imported immediately.