[SOLVED] Noob editor, questions about some edits of mine

I am a new user and have entered some titles. One was already in the database but without the cover art which I uploaded. Dinah Shore, album “Manhattan Serenade”. album link. That link seems to have all the information, but if you look up “dinah shore” as an artist and select “manhattan serenade” from the list it doesn’t have the tab for cover art and has an option to add it (on the righthand side)
other link
It’s as if my added cover art didn’t get attached properly, somehow, or I didn’t do something properly.

(Also, in musicbrainz, if I refresh that album, it doesn’t give any image for the cover. )

Also, I put in an edit to correct a typo for the track title number 3, it’s Georgia on my mind, not “Georgie”. It expired but didn’t happen. I thought from reading the information that edits would happen if nobody voted on it (nobody did). Did I miss something in trying to get the correction through?

Thanks for any help in doing this properly.

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Unfortunately you have not discovered 2 gateways into the Twilight Zone.
This is slightly disappointing as, being a member of the picaresque band led by our staunch Captain jesus2099, I am devoted to increasing the Romance and Mystery on Musicbrainz.

You have been led down the garden path by a Release Group

which you’ve taken to be a Release:

I often lunch down the garden path so do feel free to drop by. You’ll best to bring your own sandwiches as we’re often a few sort of a picnic.

Your Georgia edit however has all the hallmarks of an entrance into the Twilight Zone. It really is Mysterious. Well done.

I suggest you point this edit out to the technologically enhanced people on IRC. They might find it exciting rather than Mysterious.
Here is the link from https://metabrainz.org/contact

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Thanks, but I’m still confused. So I’m down the bottom of the garden. What do I DO? :smiley: Have I put the cover art in the wrong spot? I just found it in the database and stuck it in where the tab is.

I don’t think I can IRC. I used to have program years and years and years ago, but not now. I’m having enough trouble trying to type a few lines of information and sticking a pretty picture in a database, I don’t think I can cope with anything else, just at the minute.

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When I say, “I quite understand”, it may sound condescending but the truth is I often find myself doubting my ability to cope with more MB stuff.

Things you can do:

  1. The Release Group is automatically displaying the cover art you added for its sole member Release. You did this well and all is as it should be around the cover art.
    However you could, if you want to have a sense of control and develop expertise, go to the Release Group, go to the left hand side and click on “Set cover art” and then Select the cover art that you think is best displayed on the release Group page - which would be the one you added.

I now see where things have got confusing around Georgie-Georgia.
You have successfully edited the name of the Recording.

And it now has the new name you gave it.

The apparent wrong name that shows up shows up on the Release page is the Track title.
Which is distinct from the Recording name.
To edit the Track Title you could to go to the Release

and then click “Edit” - being the last of the tabs Overview, Disc IDs, Cover Art, Aliases, Tags, Details, Edit.
Then go to the tab called “Tracklist” and in there edit the track title.
Then click on the “Edit Note” tab, then explain what you’ve done and then click “Enter Edit”.

There is no hurry. Slow editing is OK around here.

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Except when refreshing the album, there is no cover art… it doesn’t seem to be in the right place for picard to find it.

I might be missing something obvious too.

I see the same cover art displayed for both


Do you see the same cover art displayed when you go to the above Release Group page and the above Release page by clicking on the blue coloured “Manhattan Serenade” links?

Do you mean that Picard does not download the cover art for tagging your files? I tried it here and it downloaded the cover image, so if that’s the problem you might want to check Picard’s Debug/Error Log (under Help on the menu bar) for additional information.

Yes, I see it in both locations, but Picard returns the track numbers as found, but 0 images.

As above. I turned the debugging log on. It seems to look, and it seems to find, but it says 0 images in the right pane. (this isn’t a huge drama for me personally-because I scanned my own cd and uploaded the pictures, I have them on my own computer, but I’m just trying to learn more about musicbrainz and picard and understand how they work. It just seems odd that it doesn’t return that it found art that I know to be there.)
__: 06:37:56 Loading release u’5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0’ …
D: 06:37:56 New CoverArt for <Album 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0 u’’>
D: 06:37:56 There are suitable images in the Cover Art Archive for 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0
D: 06:37:56 Trying cover art provider Cover Art Archive …
D: 06:37:56 Last request to (‘coverartarchive.org’, 80) was 87079 ms ago, starting another one
D: 06:37:56 GET http://coverartarchive.org/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/
_D: 06:37:57 Received reply for http://coverartarchive.org/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/: HTTP 307 (TEMPORARY REDIRECT) _
D: 06:37:57 Redirect to http://archive.org/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json requested
D: 06:37:57 Last request to (‘archive.org’, 80) was 86953 ms ago, starting another one
D: 06:37:57 GET http://archive.org/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json
D: 06:37:57 Received reply for http://archive.org/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json: HTTP 302 (Found) _
D: 06:37:57 Redirect to http://ia801502.us.archive.org/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json requested
D: 06:37:57 Last request to (‘ia801502.us.archive.org’, 80) was 87047 ms ago, starting another one
D: 06:37:57 GET http://ia801502.us.archive.org/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json
D: 06:37:57 Received reply for http://ia801502.us.archive.org/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json: HTTP 200 (OK) (CACHED)
D: 06:37:57 Trying cover art provider Amazon …
D: 06:37:57 Trying cover art provider Whitelist …
D: 06:37:57 Release group cover art fallback disabled by user
D: 06:37:57 Skipping cover art provider CaaReleaseGroup …


That is weird because it shows that the image is there, but it doesn’t appear to try to download it. It works here, so I don’t know what to tell you. My log is shown below, and you can see that it has some additional entries that show the file being downloaded.

D: 22:26:54 Loading album 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0 ...
D: 22:26:54 WSREQ: Last request to (u'musicbrainz.org', 80) was 46755 ms ago, starting another one
D: 22:26:55 Received reply for https://musicbrainz.org:443/ws/2/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0?inc=release-groups+media+recordings+artist-credits+artists+aliases+labels+isrcs+collections+artist-rels+release-rels+url-rels+recording-rels+work-rels+recording-level-rels+work-level-rels+tags: HTTP 200 (OK) 
D: 22:26:55 Loading release u'5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0' ...
D: 22:26:55 New CoverArt for <Album 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0 u''>
D: 22:26:55 CA Providers order: fanart.tv > Cover Art Archive > CaaReleaseGroup > Amazon > Local > Whitelist
D: 22:26:55 fanart.tv disabled by user
D: 22:26:55 Skipping cover art provider fanart.tv ...
D: 22:26:55 There are suitable images in the Cover Art Archive for 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0
D: 22:26:55 Trying cover art provider Cover Art Archive ...
D: 22:26:55 WSREQ: Starting another request to ('coverartarchive.org', 443) without delay
D: 22:26:56 Received reply for https://coverartarchive.org:443/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/: HTTP 307 (TEMPORARY REDIRECT) 
D: 22:26:56 Redirect to https://archive.org/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json requested
D: 22:26:56 WSREQ: Starting another request to ('archive.org', 443) without delay
D: 22:26:56 Received reply for https://archive.org:443/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json: HTTP 302 (Found) 
D: 22:26:56 Redirect to https://ia601502.us.archive.org/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json requested
D: 22:26:56 Setting rate limit for ia601502.us.archive.org:443 to 0
D: 22:26:56 WSREQ: Starting another request to ('ia601502.us.archive.org', 443) without delay
D: 22:26:57 Received reply for https://ia601502.us.archive.org:443/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/index.json: HTTP 200 (OK)  (CACHED)
D: 22:26:57 Queuing cover art image CaaCoverArtImage(url=u'http://coverartarchive.org/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/18632769882.jpg', types=[u'front'], is_front=True)
D: 22:26:57 Downloading CaaCoverArtImage(url=u'http://coverartarchive.org/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/18632769882.jpg', types=[u'front'], is_front=True)
D: 22:26:57 WSREQ: Last request to ('coverartarchive.org', 80) was 46535 ms ago, starting another one
D: 22:26:57 Received reply for http://coverartarchive.org:80/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/18632769882.jpg: HTTP 307 (TEMPORARY REDIRECT) 
D: 22:26:57 Redirect to http://archive.org/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0-18632769882.jpg requested
D: 22:26:58 WSREQ: Last request to ('archive.org', 80) was 46552 ms ago, starting another one
D: 22:26:58 Received reply for http://archive.org:80/download/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0-18632769882.jpg: HTTP 302 (Found) 
D: 22:26:58 Redirect to http://ia601502.us.archive.org/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0-18632769882.jpg requested
D: 22:26:58 Setting rate limit for ia601502.us.archive.org:80 to 1000
D: 22:26:59 WSREQ: First request to ('ia601502.us.archive.org', 80)
D: 22:26:59 Received reply for http://ia601502.us.archive.org:80/18/items/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/mbid-5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0-18632769882.jpg: HTTP 200 (OK)  (CACHED)
D: 22:26:59 Cover art image stored to metadata: CaaCoverArtImage(url=u'http://coverartarchive.org/release/5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0/18632769882.jpg', types=[u'front'], is_front=True) [w=1393 h=1365 mime=image/jpeg ext=.jpg datalen=989497 file=c:\users\rdswift\appdata\local\temp\picard2tpnse.jpg]
D: 22:26:59 Skipping cover art provider CaaReleaseGroup ...
D: 22:26:59 Skipping cover art provider Amazon ...
D: 22:26:59 Skipping cover art provider Local ...
D: 22:26:59 Skipping cover art provider Whitelist ...
D: 22:26:59 Album 5994e2da-67af-47c6-ac4b-dd9b89531ab0 loaded: Dinah Shore - Manhattan Serenade

Perhaps something is amiss with your settings under “options” -> “Cover Art” that is causing the problem, but that seems unlikely because you said that it works fine on other releases. Very strange.

When I saw a line in the log saying “default to release group disabled by user” (or something like that), I went through the options to see what was there. I don’t recall looking there before or changing anything at all, ever, because as a new user I don’t really know what the settings are for and I certainly don’t recall disabling anything like that. I couldn’t find a setting that seemed to correlate to that log entry.

I think (but I can’t be sure) that I saved the track listing prior to uploading the cover art. As I said, the release was already on the site, except for the cover picture. Perhaps it somehow “saved” the cover art as empty and won’t change its mind? I don’t know. It does seem odd and yes, it has worked on other releases where I’ve put in the info (the cover art always takes longer to be approved, so most of my added albums are only track listings to start with and after a week, the cover art can be added, and it does add, so why it might get “stuck” on no picture, I don’t know.) Thanks, it is a bit mysterious.

I’ve checked those links and I can clearly see the cover art. Sometimes, the cover art doesn’t appear immediately. You’ll have to check back later.

Thanks, this is “later”. The artwork edit was closed on 28 December 2017. The cover art is visible on the links, Picard just doesn’t “grab” it.

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What happens if you start Picard fresh, and just copy the following into the search bar (searching for “Album”) and initiate the search (without loading any of your music files)?


When I do that here, it loads the album information and cover image. If that still doesn’t work for you, it must be either a setting issue or a bug of some sort. If it will help, I can send you a copy of my settings (or look at yours) to see if there are any obvious differences. On my system, Picard is running under Windows 7.

Another thing that just struck me is if you’re accessing the Internet through a proxy server that may have something in the cache that is causing the download to fail. That’s a real long shot though.

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hmmmm, doing that returns the album title, then 0/16, 0 images and entries of 48.19 and Dinah Shore under the length and the artist. The little disc icon is only silver (not gold like on other saved releases). If I click on the right arrow in front of the album title, all of the tracks are listed underneath, with musical notes icon in front and the text in black (not green ticks in front of green titles, like on other saved titles).

It did something similar (ie the musical notes and black list) when I tried to add “Another Side of Bob Dylan”. It immediately found the title, but it was a different release from overseas. When I located the Australian version manually, the right pane added it (so I had 2 listed, the other one, and my barcode one) and it looked like that (musical note icons, black text). I had to figure out how to get Picard to use the correct barcoded one and I fiddled about and discovered how to locate “other versions” by right clicking and by selecting the correct version that way it let me save the right release with the right barcode.

On Dinah’s record, there’s only one version, but it seems to me like my computer somehow thinks there are two, the one from before my edits and the one from after, but of course the edits were just made to the same release. Could there be an issue with Picard finding the release group and not the release, or vice versa? My edits seem applied to the release, but from that ‘release group’ page asking to “set cover art” despite it being displayed it seems that the ‘release group’ doesn’t have cover art? (I don’t know why that should matter, my album should be sucking up information from the “release” anyway, shouldn’t it, and according to that log, there’s a setting not to look up the release group which I don’t remember making and can’t find??)

Thanks for your help. This one is way over my head, but I’m learning - I got that Bob Dylan one right, whereas before I just would have saved the one it found. It’s a shame that it’s Dinah causing this grief, she seemed such a nice person :smiley:

The 0/16 means that it has matched 0 files to the 16 tracks on the release (because I asked you to do the lookup without the files). Same reason for the disc being silver and not gold, and for the musical symbol on each of the tracks (meaning they don’t have a file associated with the track yet). If you were to open the files (or directory) and drag them onto the tracks the musical symbols would change to the familiar green boxes, and when they were all matched up the disc should turn from silver to gold.

After some changing of settings and experimenting, I finally got it to fail and not download the cover art. Go into Options -> Cover Art -> Cover Art Archive, and check the status of the “Download only approved images” option. This is normally checked by default. If it’s checked on your system, try unchecking it and see if that helps. Checking it here made the cover art fail to download for the release.

Whatever happens, it’s probably not fair to blame it on Dinah. :smile:


Bingo! That did it. I wonder why Dinah’s picture wasn’t “approved” when the others I’d uploaded seemed to be.

Thanks for the time you put in to solving this. :slight_smile: