(solved) Edit Relationship search is not showing results

I’m having trouble with the search in edit relationships.
Jesus Is Love is not listed in the search. Show more does not show the results
Jesus Is Love is a cover by Commodores on the Heroes album
I’m trying to add Jesus is Love as a (cover of) Dorothy Moore on the Givin’ It Straight to You album.
I have the cover checkmarked on Works box.

What can I do to apply the cover? Thanks!

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Looks like there isn’t a work for ‘Jesus is Love’ yet.

So you can click ‘add new work’ from the search and enter it there. Link in the Dorothy Moore recordings from there too :blush:

If anything’s giving you trouble there let us know!

FYI you can almost always paste a MB work/recording/artist straight into a search box instead of searching. So if you’re not sure if something’s being found try find it via the regular browser or search instead.

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