[SOLVED] Can't select multiple Secondary Types with Vivaldi

Expected behavior should allow me to select multiple types like this one, tested using Brave

But my main browser is Vivaldi and I’m unable to select multiple types there. Tested disabling the scripts I usually use but didn’t work at all.

Tested in W10, Vivaldi 4.0.2312.41

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I also use Vivaldi on Windows 10, it works for me.
For all browsers it’s the same: Ctrl+Click.
I don’t know Brave. It doesn’t work like the others?
How do you select multiple select in Brave?


Then it must be a problem on my end… when I hold Ctrl on Vivaldi it doesn’t select an additional type

EDIT: In Brave I also select with Ctrl + Click, that’s why I found it weird that it stopped working on Vivaldi

Solved: Tried disabling all my extensions and now it works. Gonna troubleshoot one by one to find the offender


Tell us which one it was when you find it. :relaxed:

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Found it, it was this extension