So i fixed this album up and like to have some feedback

Electric Mud by Muddy Waters

can you take a look if what i did is ok? when i did not know how to enter, i wrote in the annotations.
thank you!


Wow, looks like a A+ release now!

I’m usually too busy to add as much relationship and credit information as you have, so nice one. Personally I don’t link to a Amazon page unless the release is exactly the same, and that one looks a bit different. But I think most editors don’t mind as much (and it might potentially make MB a bit of money if you link it anyway? unsure though).

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Given the existing amazon asin which clearly shows a different cover, you should probably have created a new release (perhaps amazon’s version is a jewel case, or not a remaster; that would also explain the release event discrepancy).
Mixed by should be the mixer relationship on the recordings.
Original recording engineer should be recorded by on the recordings.
The § and © I would place on the release (not sure if a remaster counts as new phonographic copyright; if it does, the recordings might need splitting in original/remastered).
I personally don’t tend to put ‘sax’ as alias for saxophone credits; but it’s not wrong either.

you are right about the amazon link, there seems to be a 1996 version and a 1997 version. both versions were mixed up here (and on discogs too), so i will create a new release for the 1996 release and leave this the 1997 version. as there are currently 3 discids attached right now, i will keep the one i can confirm from my copy and move the other two to the 1996 release?

edit: both releases share the same barcode, so that might be the reason those two get mixed up everywhere


hmm. i just saw i used the production company for the label instead of the imprint type of the chess label… let’s see if i can change that without breaking any ongoing edits :3

edit: and thank you for your feedback @Zastai and @aerozol !

Yes, with the amount of things you added to this one, it’s best to create the 1996 separately, and just move the ASIN over (and adding the original USA/1996-11-19 release event). I’d also adjust this release’s release event to 1997-02-25; amazon may not always be accurate, but when it’s the only available datum, it’s still better than just the year.

I personally wouldn’t move the disc IDs across without knowing where they came from (at least one of the two “other” discids is likely be from some other release as it is).

Looking at your booklet scans, I’d also add Andy McKaie as “additionally produced” for producing the reissue.

What I do re. DiscID’s:

  1. comment on the edits that added those discIDs (if that history available), asking what version they had
  2. wait a reasonable amount of time for a reply
  3. move the ones I can identify, remove the others

Otherwise the incorrect discIDs will just sit there forever, and never be re-added to the correct release.