Smart Playlist Generator - Top 100 Charts

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I am looking for a software or plugin that will search my music library for songs that have reached the top 100 (or top 10) charts and create a playlist / or add the information to the mp3 tag. I’ve googled around, but the closest I found was the one hit wonder via iTunes - and that was just looking for artists with just one song in the library.

I am not sure which forum to start my query, so I decided to start here.

Appreciate any suggestions.



I do something like that with MusicBee, but I’m entering the chart data by hand, mostly from a big spreadsheet.


Maybe we can create Series for such Top 100 listings?


Music charts tend to be copyrighted material. If you can find something that’s licensed appropriately, that’d be a very cool series.


What do you mean exactly with “licensed appropriately”?

Is a list of the top albums of the year - issued by the performance rights organisation of a country - copyrighted?
What is the criteria we have to follow?


In some jurisdictions/cases, it can be. We’d rather not take the chance.