Slim jewel case vs. single jewel case


Our list of packaging types includes several variants of jewel cases, but lacks the type of jewel case which was commonly used for CD singles. I call it a single jewel case, and I’ve also seen it called a maxi single case. It is different from a slim jewel case.

I really hope you know what I mean, because I couldn’t find a good photo of a single jewel case that shows all the characteristics that make it different. I’ll try to describe them below.

This is a slim jewel case:

This is a single jewel case:

Key differences are:

  1. Single jewel case is thicker than a slim jewel case, but not as thick as a regular jewel case.
  2. Slim jewel case doesn’t have any space for artwork on a spine and in the back. Single jewel case does.
  3. Artwork insert for a single jewel case has a characteristic shape, with parts of insert on the top and bottom being cut out. This is because the hinges take some space in the box, and a part of insert must be cut out to fit the box.

Example scan of an insert from a single jewel case (front, spine and back). Cut out parts are visible in the top and bottom left.

I think a single jewel case is distinct enough that we should add to our list of packaging types. What do you think?


On the packaging types page,click on the link that says “Slim Jewel Case” and it opens this:

You are looking at a slim case for your singles.


CD single jewel case ≠ slim jewel case
You can’t fit the example scan into a slim jewel case.

1. CD jewel case 2. CD single case 3. CD slim case

In MB Slim Jewel Case word has been used for Single Slim Jewel Cases and that we could just rename this word in MB.

We don’t really care of Computer Slim Jewel Cases that much as they are not used by the music industry.

But yes it’s a pity that the doc page shows Computer Slim Jewel Cases. :smiley:

If sometimes we do have a Computer Slim Jewel Case for a release, I wouldn’t mind still using the same (Single) Slim Jewel Case type, but one could also use Other.

Most important; we should change photos in the doc page to show Music cases instead of Computer cases.

Should we also rename? I’m not sure.
I thought Slim Jewel Case was describing the Single Slm Jewel Case rather good.

What makes the Slim Jewel Case descriptive type belong only to the Computer world?


I have added plenty of CD singles, and related artwork. I agree with @jesus2099. This is just another example of MB messing with language a bit. What they mean is what we expect - thin MUSIC CD single cases. The thin things like in the example photo. I expect this is why they show the different types behind the link.

They are both physically “slim” in size.

What is really missing is a way of properlly attaching a type to the artwork. The closest we can do with that image is a “front \ spine \ back”. Which seems odd as there is not really a “back” to a slim CD case. Artwork types are way too limited. (see also missing gatefold artwork type that could be used for a digipak…)

  • The front is the big visible front part of the leaflet
  • The spine is the spine part of the leaflet (very small)
  • The back is usually the small back fold of the leaflet (turned 90°) and the CD label side *

* The CD should usually be placed into its tray, with the label side facing the transparent jewel case, and the reflective side facing the inside of there box (opposite of CD does in other packaging)

Gatefold is gatefold, it does have front, spine and back.
Digipak is Digipak, it also does have front, spine and back.

I don’t see the problem. :thinking:


Agreed. I usually use ‘other’ for digipak and gatefold scans. Here’s an example of a gatefold CD I uploaded art for recently: Release “Graduation” by Kanye West - Cover Art - MusicBrainz.


I have always seen “CD single case” added in MusicBrainz as Slim Jewel Case, and I have done it hundreds of times myself.

Are there editors picking “Other” rather than Slim Jewel Case or something? I did vote against a “Cardboard/Paper Sleeve” edit relatively recently, which is clearly wrong.


I don’t understand the Gatefold and Digipak problem (which should have had its own topic).
They both have clear front, spine and back, including the example shown by @agatzk.

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Forked to a new topic, Cover art types for digipaks and gatefolds.


Same here.

After reading your replies I looked at the example photos again. The first two might actually be photos of “single jewel case” type, but the pictures are small and it’s very hard to see the details.

The three remaining photos on that page are clearly of “computer” slim jewel cases - and the consensus seems to be that it’s not what we mean by “slim jewel case” in MusicBrainz.

So to avoid further confusion some doumentation improvements are needed. I think we could use better pictures and maybe a clear statement that “slim jewel case” does not mean “computer” slim jewel case in MusicBrainz. Unless we want to lump these two together, which is not a good idea IMO.

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We could keep both together or user Other for the computer slim jewel case.

I have never ever seen a music release in a computer case, except home made pirate copies that too many people did at some period, which started the fall of music sales.

I guess that’s a rare case, but sometimes it happens with self-released material. For example, this album came in a “computer slim” case.


If we ask for it, let’s make sure that we first obtain 12mm jewel case and 17mm jewel case that are widespread (regular jewel cases are 10mm. :hugs:


A couple of posts in a forum that most users do not visit is not really a “consensus”. :wink:

Totally agree that the images need cleaning up, but those images are the best way to say “MB defines slim as all of these”. It is taking slim as in thin\narrow. I expect the majority of “slim jewel case” in MB will be of the standard single type. 95% of the time with the standard J-Card insert.

What you call a “single jewel case” other call a “slim jewel case”. The fun of language. :slight_smile: To me, a “single jewel case” is one with just one CD inside. i.e. a standard jewel case.

Many more types of packaging need adding before then. @jesus2099 noted some above.

An example I would like to see are those fancy hinged double CD cases that are in a normal sized jewel case. The ones that replaced fatboxes. Fatboxes are the only double cases currently listed.

Also note we only just got “box” added to the list in the last couple of years. Changes are very slow round here.

:notes: :fish:

I added links to 12mm and 17mm jewel cases (regular jewel cases being 10mm).


I don’t know what means hinged, but according to a photo, it would be 10mm (regular thickness) 2CD jewel case. :slight_smile:

They are not “slim double cases”. They are “normal double cases”.

This is why we call “fatbox” fat as it is bigger than normal, and “slim” is thinner than normal.

Edit: I just seen you also said that in that ticket. I would not be using sizes in mm as most people are not picking up rulers to check. Surely this is now the standard double case? Or hinged double CD jewel case?


I’ve added every instance of a single jewel case as a slim jewel case and never knew they were different. I’m assuming most did. Makes more sense to just change the name from slim jewel case to single jewel case as I’m certain the vast majority are this.

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There are always exceptions to everything. I have albums and EPs in these slim cases too. For example, a boxset reissue of multiple albums using slim cases. I also have singles in standard jewel cases.

Physical dimensions are easier to translate - Slim, Standard, Fat.

“single CD” can read like “just one CD” instead of “double CD”.


True. Didn’t think about that.

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