[Site Improvement] Why is Merge Process all the way hiding at the bottom

I was trying to use merge function for the first time after reading the guide, clicking the merge button thinking is anything going to happen. Confused I think it is broken and JUST happen to scroll down to see it hiding somewhere over the rainbow way at the bottom :smile:

What’s merge doing all the way down there. I really had no idea it was down there.


Yeah its a bit confusing, @aerozol is doing some work on fixing the UI which it looks like you’re already in that thread.

I guess the idea was that people would go to the entity page, click Merge, then go to the next entity page and click merge (this then takes to to the confirm merge page) but as things have progressed we can now merge from the overview pages (i.e. recordings)

I tried a userscript to move it up, but I don’t think it’s really worth integrating it in MERGE HELPOR 2…
Because I like being able to find that mini merge form, simply by pressing my keyboard End key. :wink:

var currentMergeForm = document.querySelector("div#current-editing");
if (currentMergeForm) {
	// Move it up
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