Single vs. EP

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in general, i consider an EP a kind of mini-album, and singles as releases that ultimately promote one song in particular.

there’s a 2-track release (main version + remix) that totally looks like a single to me, but some editors claim it’s an EP based on its catalog. i don’t know how to vote on that. opinions?


From the release group type page:

usually it should only be assumed that a release is an EP if the artist defines it as such

So I guess the question is: Is the catalog number sufficient evidence for artist intent? Or is it evidence that a file clerk made a mistake and no one caught it until it had already been released?

Personally, I would say no, this isn’t an EP. If it quacks like a duck… One song plus a variation just quacks like a single to me.


See my edit note on The label clearly intended this release to be an EP and not a single.

I know the definition of an EP is a bit muddy, but if they intended this to be an EP they should probably have it be an EP. But what is presented here clearly is a single to me.


I agree with you in both points. It looks like a single (one track plus remix), but they intended for it to be an EP, so the artist (label) intent should have priority and it should be an EP.

Their singles (catalog numbers MCS, MCF) usually have only one track. 792 out of 807 MCS singles and 33 out of 35 MCF singles only have one track.

Monstercat’s catalog over at (which also has an API) is one of the best things that this label has in regards to the data of their music.

This is how their API looks like for the release in question, also listing it’s type as an EP:


Seems like the problem is that the record label doesn’t understand what an EP is !


To me the obvious question here is whether everyone shares the common language. Yes, the label uses EP to refer to some of its releases. But what do they actually designate by EP? Is it the same thing what MB or the world understands as EP?

Most of the EPs from the label share the same features as the “usual” EPs, so yes, it is the same thing as in MB. This release was just one of the few outliers that looks like a single. I have no clue why so many people have such disdain for the EP type in this case (even though my edit got 3 yes votes, so the reviewers agreed with me there) when people are usually strong proponents of artist intent (which in this case was confirmed).